on a box of Johnnie Walker Black, his favorite whisky in the world.
I went to see Hitchens speak at the Commonwealth Club of California in Palo Alto on July 09, 2009
and brought the Johnnie Walker to the event to have him sign it.
I figured everyone else had a hardcopy of the book God Is Not Great to sign and I would rather have him
sign his favorite whisky rather than a book.
He seemed to appreciate it too.  When I showed him and asked,
“would you sign a bottle of Johnnie Walker for me?” He said,
Below is Hitchens speaking about his favorite drink at the Commonwealth Club the night I had it signed.

Vintage Fishing Lures

October 23, 2010

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Who would’a thunk that Morrissey and Mobb Deep would’ve collabed on some sh*t!

This is Morrissey’s Ouija Board, Ouija Board combined with Public Enemy and Mobb Deep’s Got It Twisted.

I hope y’all dig.  Play this in DA CLUBZ! 😀


Never Be The Same

July 13, 2009