Gather Round – 1998

September 17, 2008

I made this on my sp1200 and my Ensoniq EPS.  I ran into this Beastie Boys fan who told me he was a fan of mine too because he was at a show when Mix Master Mike picked up a record off of the turntable and said “I just played this record, who wants it?”  and tossed it out to the crowd.  He caught it.  Pretty random


2 Responses to “Gather Round – 1998”

  1. Helena Says:

    vintage! someone stole my copy of this album, by the way.

  2. DRUMAT!C Says:

    Peace, Design-

    I’m one of the cats working with a team to produce the OFFICIAL SP-1200 BOOK. I believe our main editor, Travis Glave will be calling you next week to set-up a phone interview.

    note: I have Gather Round og pressing… 2 copies actually. I also have the SparkdaLa 12″ 2 copies and the Foreign Legion stuff which seems pretty rare. Always supported you and those LootPack cats…

    shame Madlib won’t interview for the book, being that he was a big SP’ user. No worries though, cus we interviewed E-Swift and he spoke very highly of Madlib and many other cats that were rockin’ the SP back in the 90’s.


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