Ferocious – DJ Design ft. Guilty Simpson lyrics

September 18, 2008


Ferocious: (on hiphopdx.com)

Look… Record labels never seen a cat this mean, fuck an A&R got an AR-15. I point it at your car, spray it off Motherfuckers, I know you can’t afford to pay the boss, y’all hustlers.  I went from rags to riches, that’s why I’m in the party with the baddest bitches.  Crown Royal and Coke, blowin’ smoke, throwin’ notes in the air, we gully nigga, don’t go there.  Self-made mogul with cayenne vocals, hot – ghetto stars with big knots. I thank God for hip-hop, I only had two options, get signed or get shot.  And that’s an easy choice, I add flair to the game, ya’ll need the voice, from the top notch city that gave ya’ll Em, D-12, Guilty, SV, Jay Dee and Royce!

Let’s do it- We Control This – Ferocious 

Kick up dust, rims on the pick up truck, you get unjust, you might as well spit on us.  All you rap actors out there ya’ actin’ leave you clowns on the ground with ya’ head on flat – Bet on that.  Homie, put your bread on black, cause I’m a winner, I grind where the ghettos at.  I’m the center of attention, Guilty Simpson a killer straight from the four-fifth dimension.  Yeah, i might get a century tomorrow from the judge when I turn your documentary to horror. With a grudge I’m the worst, my bitch keep a snub in her purse, I ain’t ya’ average thug with a verse, I’m a virus spreading through the hip-hop culture no man can hold me, they cant control me and im not talking phony I look up to no one, (why?) Cause they’re all below me.

 We Control This – Ferocious


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