DJ Design/Beastie Boys RMX

November 6, 2008


Negotiation Limerick File – DJ Design Remix
This was originally available as a download to purchase through with some of the proceeds going to charity. It was also pressed into 60x 12″s – they these were not legit releases (ie not produced by Captiol etc) and so technically are bootlegs. These 12″s have 4x versions of the remix, and are the only place (that I know of) to get the mixes. But seeing as though there were only 60x copies pressed – obviously they are pretty damn hard to track down.  60 copies pressed.  Rare and illegal.  Negotiation Limerick File remix. quote
I have a little story that goes with this too.  In 1999 my group Foreign Legion were introduced to Kenny aka The Tick who worked with the Beastie Boys in the Grand Royal offices down in L.A.  Tick who was a fan of the group somehow convinced the Boys to have me do a remix for the song Negotiation Limerick File along with Prince Paul and The Automator.  I finished the track over at PB Wolf’s house where he and I did the scratching and arrangement over my beat.  A month later, I along with Prozack and Marc Stretch went down to the Grand Royal offices and met the staff at the label and in short they were interested in signing the group to the label.  Tick said that Mike D loved the remix and were definitely releasing it.  I was pretty excited about this and more surprised when they gave me a five thousand dollar advance for it.  While on their studio basketball court with Tick, Zack, Marc and Lorrie Boula, (Z-Trips mgr. also ours at that time) I asked Tick if I could do a small run of the 12″ on vinyl because it was going to be only an mp3 download for and this was in the days before you could actually DJ with an mp3.  He said to me in a quiet voice, yes, but just don’t let it get out, you know what I mean?  (Or something to that effect, it’s been ten years)  So, being the broke DJ I was, I asked my label mgr. Zach at the time if he’d help me get these pressed.  He asked me if they said it was ok, and I told him exactly what Tick told me.  He ended up printing it but then unbeknownst to me, sending out a one-sheet to Fat Beats L.A, soliciting the 12″ to them along with Foreign Legions Nowhere To Hide 12″ (with the Madlib rmx)  Immediately Fatbeats called Mike D and asked if this was legit and from there he gave Lorrie a call who in turn called me along with her lawyer and gave me a huge tongue lashing.  The craziest part was that it was her word against mine as to what happened on the basketball court so it just made me look bad.  Sucks huh?

2 Responses to “DJ Design/Beastie Boys RMX”

  1. Nils Says:

    nice one dude! stoked!

  2. djdesign Says:

    Thanks! Good to hear from you!

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