J Dilla Hip-Hop 101 original beat CD

January 28, 2009

I received this from J Dilla during the time I was gathering producers for A.G.’s (Showbiz and AG) album on Look Records. We ended up using one of the beats for A.G.’s song Hip-Hop Quotable on his LP entitled Get Dirty Radio and using another track for Phat Kat entitled Nasty Ain’t It? I think this may be some of Dilla’s best work. It comes after Q-Tip’s album Amplified and has a much rougher feel. Other notable tracks from this CD is Common’s Love Is from Be.

Anyone interested in this CD, hit me up at djdesign@lookecords.com



One Response to “J Dilla Hip-Hop 101 original beat CD”

  1. cloud. Says:

    This beat tape is commonly known as ‘Beat CD ’05 #1’ but has also been labeled as ‘2004 Dilla Beat CD’ and isn’t too hard to find. Cool to see an original copy though. These thangs are already the stuff of legend and will continue to inspire generations in the underground.

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