A Trillion dollars…What it look like.

March 31, 2009

Here’s one hundred bucks.  Ice Cube had a song about it.  “I’m in this bitch
With a hundred dollar bill, y’all, About to spend this bitch” Going to a club with a hundred bucks is really nothing these days, you could buy about  13 redbull vodkas.





Here’s a packet of one hundred, hundred dollar bills.  Ten thousand dollars.  I think Jay-Z probably keeps a couple of these in his suit coats for that new money smell.  This is record shopping money to people like Madlib when he tours Japan.





Now here is a million dollars.  Supposedly one of Lil Wayne’s buddies gave him this for his birthday.  It’s a lot of money, but doesn’t really look that impressive.  





Here’s a hundred million dollars.  Neatly stacked on this pallet, it’s pretty incredible that rappers like T.I, Lil Jon, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Diddy etc. actually have a few or more of these pallets sitting in banks.





Now, here’s what billionaire’s money looks like. One billion dollars. This is what all those internet dudes have in their accounts.  “I got stupid money, son.” – Sergey Brin, Google founder in an off the record conversation with N.OR.E.  They have multiple stacks of these as do those Walmart kids.





And here we have A TRILLION DOLLARS.


This is more money than the Sugarhill Gang to the latest Micro Korg one hit wonder, ever made combined.  More money than if Nas and Jay-Z went on tour together for 100 years straight with Foxy Brown showing up as a surprise guest. More money than there are wack rappers on Myspace, more money than…you get the point.  “Dolla Dolla Billz Y’all! – Method Man 

Oh, and the pallets are double stacked, bruh!



2 Responses to “A Trillion dollars…What it look like.”

  1. bombhiphop Says:

    That the real shit there! I gotta get me some pallets.

  2. Rose Says:

    gets even more interesting when you think of it in terms of national debt!

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